Here are some of our favorite pictures of our favorite President – Ronald Reagan.

President Reagan at the Centennial of the Statue of Liberty, 1986
Ronald Reagan at Rancho del Cielo, 1976
The Reagans board Marine One, 1987
President at a rally for Senator Durenberger, 1982
The Reagans pose in the Blue Room for their official portrait, 1981
The Reagans waving from the limousine during the Inaugural Parade, 1981
The Reagans with the British Royals, 1985
President Reagan and Mrs. Reagan meet Pope John Paul II, 1982
President Reagan being sworn in for a second term, 1985
Official portrait of President Reagan, 1981
President Reagan holding “The Gipper” jersey, 1984
Posted by: Charlie Davis | 11/01/11 | 5:39 pm
25 Jan 2011
Bruce Lipsmeyer says:

He was a real statesman. He was the first Good President we had in over 50 years. And He has been our last. I see no person that can be His equal, the true concern he had for the true America. The Republicans are so sorry now, such cowards. The Demos just are to wise in their evil. The Rep don’t stand a chance. They don’t even know the problem. They think their problem is to try to get elected. So stupid!

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