If the primary election for president were held today, for whom would you vote? Please check the box by the candidate of your choice.

Bachmann 191
Cain 104
Gingrich 69
Huntsman 382
Johnson 10
McCotter 2
Palin 41
Paul 612
Pawlenty 18
Roemer 9
Romney 74
Santorum 30

Posted by: lwilliams | 18/06/11 | 8:10 pm
18 Jun 2011
David Palmer says:

Some people are coming are way. I think the majority of people are coming are way. RON PAUL wins yet another poll. And MSM still keeps shoving Mitt Rommney down are throats. The revolution is coming, and we’re going to win. RON PAUL for president.

19 Jun 2011
Ron Paul Update says:

That’s great news for Ron Paul!

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