Herman Cain will address the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

Register today before the tickets sell out.

RLC 2011 is being held on June 16-18th and is being organized by the same committee that produced the 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Also addressing RLC 2011 will be Jim DeMint, Marsha Blackburn, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Mary Matalin.

“I look forward to returning to New Orleans to address the Republican Leadership Conference,” Cain said. “Last year, I explained how important it was for Republicans to win back the House during the midterm elections in 2010. And we did. Now, we set our eyes on the U.S. Senate and the White House. Our momentum continues to grow to get this country back on track, and RLC is a critical component in doing so.”

“Last year at SRLC, Herman Cain rocked the house,” RLC 2011 President & CEO Charlie Davis said. “I am certain that we are in for another amazing address and I’m pleased to welcome him back to another Republican Leadership Conference,” he said.

Herman Cain is one of America’s most respected business leaders, having worked at the Coca Cola Company and then at the Pillsbury Corporation, where he rose to the position of Vice President at the age of only 34. He later became CEO and President of Godfather’s Pizza, where he turned the company from bankruptcy to profitability in just 14 months.

In 1994, Cain was elected as Chairman of the National Restaurant Association and served as the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. For five years, Cain hosted his own radio show on 95.5 WSB in Atlanta, the country’s single largest radio station.

In January, Herman Cain established a presidential exploratory committee.

Posted by: Charlie Davis | 29/03/11 | 3:42 pm
31 Mar 2011
doug leeds says:

Herman Cain is a great addition to the lineup, now if you could get Allen West to speak along with Herman it would be OUTSTANDING!!

9 Apr 2011
New Orleans, Again? : The Other McCain says:

[…] trip would be a legitimate business expense, right? I’m a political journalist and my man Herman Cain has already been announced as a speaker, so it would be wrong for me to miss it.Not only that, but Joseph Sheppard is predicting that Sarah […]

4 May 2011
Netta Sutton says:

I am so excited about Herman Cain running for President. I want to know how I can help to get his name out there. I don’t have any money, actually I am looking for a job, but I would be willing to put up posters or do mail outs.
I do have a question on where Mr. Cain stands on abortion. I am pro life, but I know that not all republicans are. I am also not for gay marriage but stand by the fact that God meant for marriage to be between a man and a woman but also realize that not all republicans are.
Everything I have heard Mr. Cain say I have liked. Please know that my prayers will be with him.

7 May 2011
Harvey says:

In my opinion there is three men qualifed and capable to be President of the United States.
1.Herman Cain
2.Alan West
3.Bobby Jindal The Governor of Louisana
Not only are these men Qualifed they can be trusted to restore this Country back to all its freedoms and to its standing in the World.

God Bless America

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